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There is no well-sorted archive, which provides information about the times of the Initiative Ökologisch Wirtschaften in the years 1988 and 1989, documents about the foundation of the association are scattered in various folders, some things are no longer found. The numerous ideas, projects and the work of the committees are not always documented. The history of the first 10 years of the club is not only a history of projects, defeats and successes but it is also the story of many people who have accompanied the club in very different ways. So what could be more appropriate to throw a private look back?

Geschäftsführender Vorstand

Levin Petersen (1. Vorsitzender)
Silke Backsen, MdL (2. Vorsitzende)

Doris Ohrt (Kassenwartin)
Katrin Knudsen (Schriftführerin)


Hannes Lorenzen
Ingrid Iben-Schikotanz
Katharina Schikotanz
Mathias Schikotanz
Dr. Uwe Kurzke

Statute of the Association Ecological Economies! Pellworm (in german)
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